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COVID-19 Update 

Dr. Del Priore and staff have participated in the global fight

against COVID-19 and have administered vaccinations to over 600 individuals. 

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Dear Current and Prospective Clients: 

It is with sincerest hope that this letter finds You and your family in good health. As the COVID-19 pandemic seems to linger on with new viral strains and ever-changing health guidelines, Del Priore Cardiac Wellness Center (previously known as “Del Priore Cardiology”) has expanded its services to encompass this current need.


There is considerable clinical evidence of COVID-19-caused myocardial injury emerging even after months after the acute infection phase. It is not yet known how long these problems can last, or if they can even be reversed. In addition, incoming global data on the various COVID-19 variants and vaccination side effects have included blood clots and heart problems. 


As a result, Del Priore Cardiac Wellness Center is proud to offer a vast array of advanced cardiac and vascular diagnostic techniques to screen for any potential COVID-19 associated cardiac conditions, as well as providing corresponding treatment options. 


We at Del Priore Cardiac Wellness Center ensure your upmost comfort and privacy as these techniques are performed in the office, thereby circumventing a crowded high risk hospital setting. 


Details as to our services can be found on


We welcome you to contact us for any questions or to schedule an appointment for an in-person discussion about your heart health concerns.  




Emilio Del Priore, M.D. & Staff

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